Women’s Health

Kelly Battoglia OB/GYN NP is our women's health provider. She has more than 35 years of experience in gynecology. She is passionate about women's health care and very caring. She loves her work as a GYN and is also a women's health advocate and meets with legislators at least 1 to 2 times a year to speak on behalf of women's health care. She has been a key note speaker in the women's march's and a national speaker/educator. She has had many cultural sensitivity and gender identity sensitivity trainings. She speaks limited Spanish and very limited American sign language.

What is the protocol for gynecological care?

Due to high tech pap testing and excellent research in women's health, pap tests are done on an individual basis related to past pap test history and age. Pap testing starts at age 21 and every 3 year depending on the history of abnormal pap test or not. As we age, the pap testing may be extended to 5 years in very select women only. This DOES NOT MEAN WOMEN are to be seen every three years. The annual gyn exam does still exist and is very important to prevent undiagnosed and untreated disorders. During the annual gyn exam the provider offers a full physical exam, breast exam, and full pelvic exam. In addition to this general assessment, we perform a thorough pelvic exam and internal exam. We also, offer sexually transmitted disease testing. We address different stages of women's health throughout the life span at each annual exam visit. We refer for mammograms and bone density testing as needed. We discuss vaccines and colonoscopy protocols, as well. We try to prevent disorders through this kind of very important yearly preventative care.

***We would like to clarify that ALL WOMEN should have a YEARLY pelvic exam.

A good gyn provider ties the family medicine care into the gyn care to close any gap in care for the patient and this is always my goal as a women's health provider. My goal is to make the gyn care experience as comprehensive and comfortable as possible. The patient is always in control of the exam. Please consider scheduling your well annual exam visit with Kelly. She can address your gyn concerns/ailments as well. She is highly experienced in contraceptives, stds, cervix abnormalities, menopause and many other unusual disorders. "I am always honored when men and women trust me with their GYN health care needs."